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《 welcome to fangasmic! 》

welcome to the graphics journal of cindy and nat!

get lost in the waves of fangasmic ecstasy we'll bring you! hopefully.

☁ nat → the second / requests
► grapes n 10 year bazookas
Happy Australia Day! I felt like updating. More examples of my icons here.

HQ images, BL. NSFW, but let's not get too carried away.
LQ images, manga panels.

5 slots, reserving is fine as long as you get it in within 24 hours. I might open more slots if needed c:

☁ nat → the first
► tongue in cheek
First post :) long overdue, but school got in the way. Mainly playing around with colouring but I slapped on some textures in the end 8D Please the see tags for fandoms.

love like thisCollapse )

☁ nat → awards
8) Sometimes I enter contests, but I always forget to keep track of them.. This is mainly for my own reference; I can't seem to find any from before February ;A;

we are the peopleCollapse )
ps. first icon batch to be uploaded sometime next week!! look out :)

♚ cindy → the sixth
sam cham ★ when the dawn breaks

requests: closed!
yippee! ❤Collapse )

♚ cindy → the fifth
bleach ★ don't send a man to do our job
k-on!; 30
kino no tabi; 06
nana; 07
nodame cantabile; 09
vocaloid; 10
stock; 30

her tears like diamonds on the floorCollapse )

♚ cindy → the fourth
yui ★ cross over that sky
bleach; 07
the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya; 20
nana; 06
professor layton; 05
taylor swift; 12
yui; 10
stock; 40

and we know it’s never simple, never easyCollapse )

♚ cindy → the third
shny ★ haruhi
k-on!; 07
lucky star; 10
the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya; 10
nodame cantabile; 11
shinkai makoto; 07
spirited away; 05
stock; 15

i’m still alive but i’m barely breathingCollapse )

♚ cindy → the second
shaman king ★ anna
kino no tabi; 10
k-on!; 15
lucky star; 10
professor layton; 08
shinkai makoto; 10
tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-; 05
xxxHOLiC; 05

everybody’s trustin’ in the heart like the heart don’t lieCollapse )

♚ cindy → the first
d.gray-man ★ lenalee dark boots
d.gray-man; 05
full metal panic!; 05
k-on!; 10
shinkai makoto; 10
the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya; 20
xxxHOLiC; 15

dress it up with the trappings of loveCollapse )

☁ nat → resources
Resources. Thanks kids

i don't know your name but excuse me miss,Collapse )